Local History

History of Centerville –The Birth of an American Town

Documents, objects, paintings and photographs about Centerville, Ind., and the local area have been donated to the library for decades.  Now volunteers are hard at work indexing and archiving this treasure trove of Centerville history.  If you would like to help with this effort or see the materials, please contact the library at (765) 855-5223.  Additional donations are always welcome.

History of the Centerville Public Library BuildingOriginal Doorway

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By clicking the icon above when you’re on library property, you can find out more about your own personal history, background, ethnicity and cultural heritage ABSOLUTELY FREE! The Ancestry.com Library Edition is available for free on all library computers. You can also access this amazing resource (even when the library is closed) on your laptop, tablet or smartphone any time you access the FREE Wi-Fi signal available anywhere on library grounds.

With the Ancestry.com Library Edition, you can look up genealogy records, historical documents and other important family papers and then print them out for documentation or future research. You can even create a personalized family tree.

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Genealogy Help

Our genealogy volunteers will search our Centerville and Wayne County collection for you. Request assistance in person or by calling the library at (765) 855-5223.