Get a Library Card

Anyone, regardless of residency, may come to the Centerville Library. A library card is required only if you wish to check out materials to take with you.

Centerville Library is a member of Evergreen Indiana, a network of more than 100 Indiana libraries. The library card that you obtain at Centerville is an Evergreen card and it may be used at any Evergreen library.

Children 5 years of age and older may obtain their own card. Materials for children age 4 and younger may be checked out on the card of a parent or guardian.

Center Township Residents:
Bring a government issued photo ID. If your ID does not show your current address, also bring a utility bill, tax receipt or bank statement that has your current address.  Anyone 17 and younger does not need to have ID, but the parent or guardian signing for them must show ID.

Non-Center Township Residents:
Residents of Wayne County who live in these townships – Abington, Boston, Clay, Dalton, Franklin, Green, Harrison, New Garden, Perry, Wayne and Webster – may obtain a library card at Centerville after first obtaining a card at Morrisson-Reeves Library in Richmond.

Cambridge City Library (Jackson and Washington Townships), Hagerstown Library (Jefferson Township) and Dublin Library are part of the Evergreen network. Residents of those townships need to get their Evergreen card from their home library, but that same card will work at Centerville.

Indiana residents who live outside of Wayne County and who don’t live where there is an Evergreen library may obtain a Centerville card if their home library is part of the state reciprocal agreement.

Replace a Lost Library Card

A replacement Evergreen card may be obtained for a $2.00 fee.  It is not necessary to bring proof of residency again.