Late Fines & Renewals

No More Overdue Fines

The Centerville-Center Township Public Library is excited to announce that we have eliminated overdue fines! This means patrons will no longer be charged 25 cents a day for items that are returned late. We have also waived overdue fines accrued in the past, so our patrons can start fresh! Please note that patrons are still financially responsible for lost or damaged items, as well as collection fees.

Why fine-free?

The library’s mission is to provide free and equitable access to information and services, but late fines are a barrier to many.

  • Our community is stronger and healthier when people have access to the programs, services, and materials they need to pursue their educational, career, family, and life goals. We hope this will encourage prior users to come back to the library and attract new users to experience our offerings.
  • Research shows that overdue fines DO NOT affect how quickly people bring back library materials. Return rates are generally the same before and after libraries go fine-free. And some libraries see more materials come back after going fine-free.
  • The time and money previously spent on pursuing late fine payments can be put to better use improving library services.

Does this mean I can keep library materials forever?

No. We still expect our patrons to return library materials on or before the due date so that other members of the community can access them.

Patrons who do not return library materials will still have their accounts blocked if they have 15 items overdue or when an item is 28 days overdue. Materials that are 28 days overdue will be considered “lost” and replacement charges will be assessed to the patron’s account. Patrons who wait too long to bring materials back may also be referred to a collection agency and a non-negotiable $10 fee will be assessed to cover costs the library incurs pursuing collection action.

Won’t the library lose money?

Research shows that no matter the size and budget of the library, in most cases, fines account for only about 1% on average of a public library’s total operating budget. Most fines that are assessed are never actually paid. In addition, there are many costs associated with collecting fines.

The Centerville Public Library will regularly evaluate this program for effectiveness and impact on library services and budget. In addtion, the library is always happy to accept monetary donations that a patron wishes to make.

Automatic Renewals

The Centerville Public Library has also implemented automatic-renewals for items checked out on patron accounts. This means eligible items will be renewed automatically and patrons do not have to log in to their accounts or ask library staff to renew materials.

When will my item automatically renew?

The Evergreen Indiana system will attempt to renew your item on the due date. If successful, the due date will be extended a full loan period. If unsuccessful, you will be expected to return your item on the original due date. If you have given us your email address, you will receive an email indicating whether or not items on your account were renewed. Please make sure your email address is up-to-date by logging into your library account or calling us at 765-855-5223. If you are unsure of the status of your check-outs, you can always log in to your account or call the library to inquire.

Sample of successful auto-renewal notification:

Sample of blocked auto-renewal notification:

Why won’t my item auto-renew?

An item will NOT automatically renew if:

  • Another library user has requested it.
  • The item has reached its maximum number of renewals.
  • Your account is blocked due to maximum overdue items, lost items, or unpaid charges over $10.
  • Your account is expired. (Please visit the library to renew your account.)
  • The item is a digital item through Overdrive/Libby.
  • The item was loaned through SRCS, Indiana’s Statewide Remote Circulation Service.
Can I renew my item early?

Yes, if you prefer, you may renew items early by logging into your Evergreen account or calling the library.

Can I opt-out of auto-renewals?

No, auto-renew is an automated process that applies to all Centerville Public Library cardholders. If you do not wish to keep an item when it renews, please return it when you are finished.